The Journey – a short story

One day, as she walked on, she entered a rough and empty country. Here and there she saw very old trees at great distances, but there were no signs of habitation. No road or path was distinguishable, the ground dry and sandy except for a few small patches of green grass and some rocks.

In the distance she saw a mountain with a flat peak and decided to make the top of the mountain her final attempt to find an answer to the contradictions of her nature.

It took her days to reach the mountain and through the night she slowly climbed up along it’s spiky skirt.

Finally, with the rising of the sun, she set foot onto the flat top. She took a deep breath and let the sun’s fingers touch her face and empty her mind.

sunrise journey

It was some time before she stopped watching the sunrise and let her eyes wander along the flat peak.
She startled, when she became aware of a woman, sitting close to the edge of the mountain no more than twenty feet away.
Slowly the young woman approached the other woman, who did not look up or show any sign of noticing her. Getting closer the young woman saw, that the other woman had beautiful white hair and a face carved so deep with wrinkles, that you could imagine them being a mountainous landscape themselves. She was brown – a weather beaten skin – and though you would guess, that she was old, there was no telling just how old she might be.
When the young woman stopped in front of the silently sitting figure greeting her politely – the old woman did not stir.
The young woman tried greeting her in all the languages she could remember from her travels, but the old woman showed no sign of hearing or understanding or caring to answer.
Puzzled the young woman walked to the other side of the mountains flat top and sat herself down to rest and to think.
The old woman was clearly alive. She was breathing, her chest visibly moving up and down. Even her eyes were at times blinking and from time to time one could just make out a swallow.
As for the languages, even if she did not understand any of them, she could at least have acknowledged the presence of the young woman.
No, there must be something else to it, the young woman thought and decided to try again. From that moment on she slowly walked over to the woman every hour, greeted her and walked back to her place. Rested and walked over again and again and again.

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